Access locations in maplineshape

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Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens 2023 年 5 月 31 日
回答済み: Andrew Stevens 2023 年 5 月 31 日
I am trying to access the locations in a maplineshape object. They are in there because I am able to plot the locations using the geoplot function. For example, if I have the following geotable:
T = readgeotable("concord_roads.shp");
How do I access the locations in the maplineshape object, T.Shape(1)? I don't see anything in the documentation or an obvious method associated with the object.

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Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens 2023 年 5 月 31 日
I am going to answer my own question here. I found I can get the coordinates buried in the maplineshape (or any other geospatial table object, I think) in the following way:
T = readgeotable("concord_roads.shp");
There is probably a better way to do this, but it works. The documentation for geotable2table doesn't say anything about getting coordinates out of a geospatial table object so I was just trying stuff.




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