Add a Common Gear constraint to my simscape ,but the the positions of gears and shafts are changed. How to solve it?

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I use solidworks to export simscape multibody,and generate all gear pump systems.
When I use Common Gear constraint to make two gears constrainted, the the positions of gears and shafts are changed.
Two gears and two shafts are not on the same plane.
How to solve it?

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Nathan Hardenberg
Nathan Hardenberg 2023 年 6 月 6 日
It seems like your solidworks model is not fully defined/connected. This allows the model to move. Under normal circumstances an error should be raised instead.
But what is the problem here (I'm having to guess a bit). Your follower-coodinate-systems of your revolute joints are most likely not in the same plane. To fix this you have to use a "Rigid Transform"-Block on one side of the "Common Gear Constraint". In there you have to put the offset of the two coordinate frames.
You can try to find the offset in Simulink with a "Transform-Sensor"-Block, or inside of Solidworks


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