temp 폴더 용량 확보 가능여부

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juneho 2023 年 5 月 8 日
回答済み: Varun 2023 年 5 月 18 日
현재 활용중인 MATLAB 서버PC의 용량 확보 관련하여 문의드립니다.
Temp 폴더 등 비워도 되는 부분을 설명 듣고 싶습니다.
회신 및 연락 부탁드립니다.

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Varun 2023 年 5 月 18 日
Some of the files which you can safely delete to recover disk space are:
  • Files located in the temp directory: You can call the "tempdir" command in the MATLAB command line to find the directory. This directory contains temporary files generated by programs in a system. So, the contents of this folder are not as critical and can be deleted safely.
  • MATLAB backup files (*.bak)
  • MATLAB log files (*.log)
  • MATLAB crash dump files (*.mdmp)
  • Temporary files created by MATLAB (including Simulink models) and other programs
It is important to note that you should only delete files and folders that you are certain are not required for the normal operation of MATLAB or any other software running on the PC. Also, ensure that no one is currently using MATLAB or any other software while deleting files and folders.
For MS Windows, one approach to easily recover disk space on the MATLAB server PC is to use the in-built Windows Disk Cleanup utility. You can launch Disk Cleanup by going to the Start menu, typing "disk cleanup" in the search box, and opening the Disk Cleanup application. Select the files and folders you want to delete and click OK to clear the space.
Hope this helps!


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