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Joel 2023 年 4 月 4 日
コメント済み: Joel 2023 年 4 月 4 日
I have a 8760x2 table containing every hour of the year and a variable for each hour:
ta=[array2table(t) array2table(TIMVARDEN)];
It looks like this:
'15-Jan-2021 03:00:00' 0
'15-Jan-2021 04:00:00' 0
'15-Jan-2021 05:00:00' 0
'15-Jan-2021 06:00:00' 0
'15-Jan-2021 07:00:00' 0
'15-Jan-2021 08:00:00' 0
'15-Jan-2021 09:00:00' 0
'15-Jan-2021 10:00:00' 5.88000000000102
'15-Jan-2021 11:00:00' 171.240000000002
'15-Jan-2021 12:00:00' 0
'15-Jan-2021 13:00:00' 0
I want to make a plot or multiple plots that makes it clear when an hour has another value than zero.
Any ideas?


Tesfaye Girma
Tesfaye Girma 2023 年 4 月 4 日
you can use this format to get the list in a month and you can sort i a table
def day_in_month(year,month):
if month>12 or month<1 :
return"invalid input"
if is_leap(year) and month==2 :
return 29
return months_days[month-1]
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Joel 2023 年 4 月 4 日
Could you please specify?
at the row:
return "invalid input"
I get :
Invalid use of operator.
The variable names is shown below


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