Modifying power Parameters for Wind Farm Simulink Model

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l 2023 年 3 月 28 日
回答済み: Varun 2023 年 4 月 18 日
am writing to inquire about some issues I am experiencing with modifying a Simulink model. Specifically, I am trying to build a more complex wind farm based on the "Wind Farm - DFIG Average Model" model provided in the Simulink demo. However, I have encountered some problems when trying to modify the parameters of this model.
My question is how to modify the single turbine output power from 1.5MW to 2MW. I have attempted to make the following changes: First, I removed all functions in the StartFcn and set the simulation time to 50 seconds. Second, I selected "Generator data for 1 wind turbine" in the DFIG Wind Farm module and changed the "Nom.power" data from 1.5e6 to 2e6. Finally, I selected "Turbine data for 1 wind turbine" and changed the "Nominal mechanical out power" data from 1.5e6 to 2e6 before running the simulation.
In theory, the system should output a combined power of 12MW when the wind speed is 15m/s (6 turbines x 2MW each). However, when the system stabilizes, it still only outputs 9MW. I am wondering if I missed any settings that caused the actual output power to differ from my expected output power.
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l 2023 年 3 月 28 日


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Varun 2023 年 4 月 18 日
I tired to change the model parameters at my end to change the 9MW farm into a 12MW farm and these are my findings:
  1. When changing the individual Turbine generator’s power value, there are three places you need to change it:
  • DFIG Wind Turbine --> Turbine data for 1 Wind Turbine
  • DFIG Wind Turbine --> Generator data for 1 wind turbine
  • B575 (575V) --> Base Power (VA 3 Phase)
2. After this, I followed the documented workflow present at this link: to regenerate the initial conditions of the model.
3. Then, I ran the simulation. I observed that for small values of Stop Time (~0.2s), the Power value is below 10MW. But, on increasing the stop time to 1s, I saw that the power increases steadily with time.
Hope this helps!


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