What are the downside of setting -Djogl.dis​able.openg​larbcontex​t=1 in Linux?

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In my organization we always had several problems with OpenGL acceleration, Intel integrated GPU and Linux (see https://github.com/robotology/robotology-superbuild/issues/953).
After a bit of investigation, we found that a reliable workaround is to pass the ` -Djogl.disable.openglarbcontext=1` option to the MATLAB's Java instance, either by adding it to a `java.opts` file located in a directory where MATLAB is passed, or by adding it to the `JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS` environment variable.
However we are not sure about if there are any downside to using `-Djogl.disable.openglarbcontext=1`, those anyone has any idea if this option has any downside?
Thanks a lot in advance.


Nikhilesh 2023 年 3 月 27 日
編集済み: Nikhilesh 2023 年 3 月 27 日
If you are experiencing issues with OpenGL acceleration and Intel integrated GPUs on Linux, using this option may provide a reliable workaround for the problem. It is possible that the performance and graphics quality decrease resulting from disabling OpenGL ARB context will not be noticeable in your particular use case.
In general, it is recommended to test the performance and graphics quality of your application with and without this option to determine if it has any significant impact on your specific use case.

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