Pi controller for boost converter, PV panel project

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rihab 2023 年 3 月 17 日
回答済み: Joel Van Sickel 2023 年 4 月 11 日
Hello, I've working on 100w PV panel project and I need to design the boost converter controlled by Pi , I already calculated the value of L and C but I don't know how to find the parameters of pi , I've seen videos of how to tun it , I know the Vin and Vout but while developing the boost converter should I take the same Vin and Vout of my pv panel ?? And what about the powergui? Should it be the same too?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel 2023 年 4 月 11 日
Yes, you should tune it under the conditions that it will operate at for your PV panel. You shouldn't need to change your powergui settings to do this. There are some mppt examples that are good starting points. You can either look through our examples, but this file exchange entry looks to be pretty popular as well:


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