Matlab code to extract the function name and parameter list from a C function call

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I have many C header files that have few function calls, with arguments and a return type , I would like to automatically process them and generate SFunctionName and OutputFcnSpec required for S Function generation defintion.
For example in Header file function looks like this
uint16 filterV1(uint8 signal, uint16 constant);
[def.SFunctionName = 'GenfilterV1'; and
def.OutputFcnSpec = 'uint16 y1 = filterV1(uint8 u1, uint16 u2)';
Arguments naming should follow "Legacy Code Tool Function Specification rules")


Varun 2023 年 3 月 24 日
As per my understanding, you want to scan your C header files and you want to extract data regarding the function calls present in them. For this,
  1. You can use “fileread” to scan the contents of the headers.
  2. You can make a regular expression and use string matching operations to extract all the function-call data. Those parenthesis ‘()’ will help you identify function call statements.
You may refer to the following documentation for:

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