How to get a sum of coloumnn linked to datetime?

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Frank 2022 年 12 月 17 日
コメント済み: Frank 2022 年 12 月 21 日
Hey Guys,
I got a .csv file and a stacked bar graph, right now the graph displays one value for every 15mins. I want to have a monthly view that shows the sum of all the values of the sum. My question is how do I convert the datetime into a MM/yyyy format and also sum up the values of that duration? I work in the appdesigner R2022b.
My code so far is:
function Bar_Monatliche_Erzeugung(app)
auswahl = [false false app.CheckBox.Value app.CheckBox2.Value app.CheckBox3.Value app.CheckBox4.Value app.CheckBox5.Value app.CheckBox6.Value app.CheckBox7.Value app.CheckBox8.Value app.CheckBox9.Value app.CheckBox10.Value app.CheckBox11.Value app.CheckBox12.Value];
for i = auswahl
if i == true
bar (app.UIAxes3, app.R.DatumUhrzeit,app.R{:,auswahl},'stacked');
if i == true
app.UIAxes3.Title.String="Übersicht Monatliche Erzeugung";
app.UIAxes3.YLabel.String="Arbeit [MWh]";
Thank you :)


Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins 2022 年 12 月 19 日
Create a timetable from your data, and use retime to aggregate it to monthly. It's one line of code.
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Frank 2022 年 12 月 21 日
Thank you


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