How i can convert a text into binary and then split the binary form, finally convert each partition into ASCII code?

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Hello matlab community.
Sorry friends, I am a beginner with Matlab
I have a problem in this code, which is when i run this code for text file with small size , the time is very large. can any one help me to faster the running of this code?? is this code is true ?
fd=fopen('path\filename.txt'); % when the size of text file are 20 kilo bytes, it take about 30 minutes
Entered_Text = fscanf(fd,format);
Text_ascii = unicode2native(Entered_Text,'utf-8'); % Convert each character of a text into 8 bits ASCII code
for i = 1 : length(Text_ascii)
Binary_text{i} = dec2bin(Text_ascii(i),8); % Convert 8 bits ASCII code of a text into binary
out{1,i} = mat2cell(Binary_text{i},1,[2,2,2,2]); % Divide each Byte from (Binary_text) into four parts(each part two bits)
result = horzcat(out{:}); % Store the result of partitioned (Binary_text) into cell vector
Final_result = cellfun(@bin2dec, result); % Convert the result of each two bits into ASCII code


Voss 2022 年 11 月 28 日
編集済み: Voss 2022 年 11 月 28 日
You can replace your for loop with this, which will be faster because it calls dec2bin one time on the entire text instead of one time per character, and it avoids converting to and from cell arrays and uses indexing instead:
Binary_text = dec2bin(Text_ascii,8);
Final_result = zeros(numel(Text_ascii),4);
for ii = 1:4
Final_result(:,ii) = bin2dec(Binary_text(:,(ii-1)*2+[1 2]));
This Final_result contains the result for all of the characters in Text_ascii, with each row corresponding to a single character.
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