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Matt O'Brien
Matt O'Brien 2022 年 11 月 25 日
コメント済み: Matt O'Brien 2022 年 12 月 11 日
I have a pdf generated via MatLab Report Generator. I have a few remaining issues. I have spent days trying to resolve via search of this and other forums.
I am posting each issue individually.
This issue. Word Wrap at the end of a line in a table.
I am successfully populating a table with text and the table is placed as I wish on the page. The problem is that words are truncated at the end of a line and then continue on the next. I wish to use the behaviour where words are not split at the end of a line before any combination of cr/lf.
Ps. These settings make no difference.
MyDescrTbl.Style = {Hyphenation(true)};
MyDescrTbl.Style = {Hyphenation(false)};


Sameer Pujari
Sameer Pujari 2022 年 11 月 28 日
Hi Matt
To get the text to wrap to the second line by separating at a "space" rather than in the middle of a word when using the MATLAB Report Generator, you need to customize the default PDF template used by performing the following:
1. Create a new PDF template from the default PDF template:
>> mlreportgen.dom.Document.createTemplate('mytemplate','pdf');
2. This creates a new PDF template file, "mytemplate.pdftx". Then unzip the template, to gain access to the "root.css" file which allows you to define PDF styles:
>> unzipTemplate('mytemplate.pdftx')
3. In the new folder that is created go to the "stylesheets" folder and open "root.css" to edit in MATLAB or in a text editor.
4. Add the following style to the "table" entry in the CSS file:
-ah-word-break: keep-all
5. Save the CSS file and now zip the template to create an updated "mytemplate.pdftx" file:
>> zipTemplate('mytemplate.pdftx');
6. Then create a "Report" object, by passing the new template as an input argument:
>> d = Report("mydoc","pdf", "mytemplate.pdftx");
For more information on creating a PDF template please visit the following documentation link:
For more information on the different styles you can modify for a PDF template please visit the following documentation link:
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Matt O'Brien
Matt O'Brien 2022 年 12 月 11 日
Here is where I inserted the code in the CSS file.
I inserted line 182 as recommended above.
I am eternally grateful for this solution. It has worked for all the samples I have tested.


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