Is it possible to simulate OFDM+QPSK data transmission and reception using simulink and RFtoolbox?

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I am trying to generate some binary data using simulink for sub carriers,and simulate transmission and reception using the RF blockset.
Is this possible? or is the RF blockset only for signal analysis?


Sai 2022 年 11 月 21 日
I understand that you want to implement QPSK+OFDM communication system using Simulink and RFtoolbox.
Yes, it is possible to implement QPSK+OFDM system using Simulink and RFtoolbox.
Procedure to open the example model:
  • Run openExample('simrf/CommunicationsSystemWithEmbeddedRfReceiverExample') command in command window and a .m file will be opened
  • Run the .m file after commenting the command bdclose(model) beneath that model which you want open
  • Once the selected model is opened in Simulink, you can double click the Baseband Signal Generation Subsystem block where you can add your own modulation algorithm
  • Repeat the same process to add your own demodulation algorithm by double clicking the Baseband Receiver subsystem block
All the example Simulink models can be found in the below documentation link
For future references, you can refer to

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