Help with opening a .set file(a filtered eeg .edf file) and computing the power for each frequency band

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Toni 2022 年 11 月 9 日
回答済み: Rishav 2023 年 9 月 11 日
Please I need help with computing the power for each frequency band of an eeg signal. The initial filedata I have is in .edf format, which I filtered and is now in .set format. I found this code online;
% This example Matlab code shows how to compute power spectrum of epoched data, channel 2.
[spectra,freqs] = spectopo(,:,:), 0, EEG.srate);
% Set the following frequency bands: delta=1-4, theta=4-8, alpha=8-13, beta=13-30, gamma=30-80.
deltaIdx = find(freqs>1 & freqs<4);
thetaIdx = find(freqs>4 & freqs<8);
alphaIdx = find(freqs>8 & freqs<13);
betaIdx = find(freqs>13 & freqs<30);
gammaIdx = find(freqs>30 & freqs<80);
% Compute absolute power.
deltaPower = mean(10.^(spectra(deltaIdx)/10));
thetaPower = mean(10.^(spectra(thetaIdx)/10));
alphaPower = mean(10.^(spectra(alphaIdx)/10));
betaPower = mean(10.^(spectra(betaIdx)/10));
gammaPower = mean(10.^(spectra(gammaIdx)/10));
But I've just been trying to figure out how to open my .set file in matlab and perform the necessary calculations.
I will greatly appreciate anyone's help on this. Thanks

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Rishav 2023 年 9 月 11 日
Hi Toni,
To open the EEG data from a .set file, you can use the EEGLAB toolbox in MATLAB.
You can download and install the EEGLAB toolbox from the below mentioned link:
After installing the EEGLAB toolbox, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Open MATLAB and start EEGLAB by typing 'eeglab' in the MATLAB command window. This will open the EEGLAB GUI.
  • In the EEGLAB GUI, click on 'File' and then select 'Load existing dataset'.
  • Navigate to your .set file and open it.
After loading your EEG data, you can compute power for each frequency band using EEGLAB's functions. Here is an example:
% Set the frequency bands.
freq_bands = [1 4; 4 8; 8 13; 13 30; 30 80];
% Initialize variables to store power values.
deltaPower = zeros(1, EEG.trials);
thetaPower = zeros(1, EEG.trials);
alphaPower = zeros(1, EEG.trials);
betaPower = zeros(1, EEG.trials);
gammaPower = zeros(1, EEG.trials);
% Loop through trials and compute power for each frequency band.
for trial = 1:EEG.trials
% Extract data for the current trial and channel (e.g., channel 2).
trial_data =, :, trial);
% Compute the power spectrum.
[spectra, freqs] = spectopo(trial_data, 0, EEG.srate);
% Compute power for each frequency band.
for band_idx = 1:size(freq_bands, 1)
band_range = freq_bands(band_idx, :);
band_idx_range = find(freqs >= band_range(1) & freqs <= band_range(2));
band_power = mean(10.^(spectra(band_idx_range) / 10));
% Store the power in the appropriate variable.
switch band_idx
case 1
deltaPower(trial) = band_power;
case 2
thetaPower(trial) = band_power;
case 3
alphaPower(trial) = band_power;
case 4
betaPower(trial) = band_power;
case 5
gammaPower(trial) = band_power;
This script will compute the power values for each frequency band in separate variables.
Thank you,
Rishav Saha


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