Which runs first, a project's shutdown task or the finish script?

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Nickolai Belakovski
Nickolai Belakovski 2022 年 10 月 21 日
編集済み: Varun 2023 年 2 月 22 日
On the other hand there's the MATLAB finish script: https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/finish.html
In testing it looks like the finish script runs first, then MATLAB asks if I want to save or discard any unsaved changes, and then the project shutdown task runs. What I'd like to know is whether that order is deterministic and guaranteed?

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Varun 2023 年 2 月 22 日
編集済み: Varun 2023 年 2 月 22 日
Your testing is correct. The finish.m script indeed runs first and then, the project shutdown tasks run in the order they’ve been mentioned in the Manage Project Startup and Shutdown dialog box.
  • Regardless of whether the finish.m script is included in the shutdown files or not, it still runs before any of the project shutdown tasks begin.
  • If the finish.m script has been added as a Shutdown file, it runs twice- first, when the exit command is executed and next, when the shutdown tasks run in order.


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