Error while installing SImscape multibody

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An 2022 年 10 月 14 日
コメント済み: An 2022 年 10 月 23 日
I have a technical issue with installing Simscape Multibody. In order to use smimport, I need Simscape multibody. However, I tried to install it on Matlab 2020a version for multiple times in different way, but every time it resulted with error:
I saw also a similar post, but I did not get it solved. Why this problem occurs? I already ran the update. Do I really need to reinstall all Matlab?

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Namit Joshi
Namit Joshi 2022 年 10 月 17 日
In order to use Simscape Multibody, you would need to install Simscape as well. Kindly restart the MATLAB installation package, install both Simscape and Simscape Multibody, as well as other toolboxes you had before, then restart MATLAB.
Hope this helps.
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An 2022 年 10 月 23 日
Thanks for your reply!
The issue was that there was something wrong with giving permissions that I could not install it from add-ons. I needed to use MathWorks Installer instead.


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