Why do I get an error when trying to read the .mov file by using VideoReader in MATLAB?

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I can watch a movie file(.mov) by using Windows Media Player, but it failed to read in MATLAB as below.
>> vidObj = VideoReader('sample1.mov');
Error using VideoReader/initReader
Failed to initialize internal resources.
Error in audiovideo.internal.IVideoReader (line 136)
initReader(obj, fileName, currentTime);
Error in VideoReader (line 104)


MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2022 年 9 月 30 日
Transcode the MOV file(s) to AVI using a 3rd party tool such as Handbrake, ffmpeg - this might be a better workaround for users who are unable to install 3rd party tools on their system (FFMPEG does not need to be installed; it is a simple command line type of executable and the call for transcoding to AVI is trivial). Please install the K-lite codec pack.

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