I am trying to replicate the “Planning Radar Network Coverage over Terrain” example in MATLAB and want to know how can I change the region of this example?

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So as the question asks, I want to change the region of this example from southboulder, TX to any other region, for instance new york. How can I do that? So far I have tried:
dtedfile = "n39_w106_3arc_v2.dt1";
attribution = "SRTM 3 arc-second resolution. Data available from the U.S. Geological Survey.";
addCustomTerrain("newyork", dtedfile, "Attribution", attribution)
viewer = siteviewer("terrain", "newyork");
nyork_peak = txsite("Name", "newyork", ...
"Latitude", (#), ...
"Longitude", (#) );
>> show(nyork_peak)
After executing the last comment, I encounter an error:
Error using terrain.internal.TerrainSource/tileInterpolation
Terrain 'new york' is limited to latitudes in range [39,40] and longitudes in range [-106,-105].
Error in terrain.internal.TerrainSource/query
Error in terrain.internal.TerrainSource.queryTerrain
Error in rfprop.internal.AntennaSiteCoordinates/computeGroundHeight (line 588)
Z = terrain.internal.TerrainSource.queryTerrain(...
Error in rfprop.internal.AntennaSiteCoordinates/get.GroundHeightAboveGeoid (line 324)
Z = coords.computeGroundHeight('geoid');
Error in rfprop.internal.AntennaSiteCoordinates/computeSurfaceHeight (line 546)
Z = coords.GroundHeightAboveGeoid;
Error in rfprop.internal.AntennaSiteCoordinates/get.SurfaceHeightAboveGeoid (line 368)
Z = coords.computeSurfaceHeight('geoid');
Error in rfprop.AntennaSite/show (line 183)
'<br />' 'Surface elevation: ' char(compose(numericFormat,round(coords.SurfaceHeightAboveGeoid(k)))) ' m'];

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millercommamatt 2022 年 9 月 8 日
You need the correct SRTM elevation file for the area you're interested in. These DTED files are only 1x1 degree. You're specifying a lat/lon outside what that file has. The 'n39_w106' in the prefix of the filename tells you the lower left corner. I suggesting searching how to get the data. It's a bit of a pain if you want the whole set. USGS Earth Explorer seems set up to prevent users from grabbing datasets in bulk.
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millercommamatt 2022 年 9 月 20 日
Chang the name of the dtedfile variable to match your new file. Then, make sure the site you specify via txsite is within that file's area.


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