How can I stretch an image non-uniformly?

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Broderick Kelly
Broderick Kelly 2022 年 8 月 10 日
回答済み: Image Analyst 2022 年 8 月 10 日
I would like to take an image, and stretch it non-uniformly such that the further from the center of the image the less stretched it is. So the areas near the edges would get condensed while the areas far from the areas would get inflated. How could I go about generating a suitable displacement field to use? Please let me know if creating a displacement field to use would be a good approach and/or how I might do this. Any help is much appreciated, thanks! :)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022 年 8 月 10 日
Use imresize to make the image dimensions and aspect ratio whatever you want.

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