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How to create multiple linear regression ? NEED HELP

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Mr LE 2015 年 2 月 7 日
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I would like to regress Q with 3 response functions X,Y and Z (like this Q=a+bX+cY+dZ) (Where Q, X, Y and Z are matrice [129x1])
Does anyone know what is the function that can I use for that?

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2015 年 2 月 8 日
If you have the Statistics Toolbox, you can do this with the mvregress function.
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the cyclist
the cyclist 2015 年 2 月 8 日
I believe you need to add a constant vectors of ones to your predictor matrix, to estimate the constant term:
X = [ones(129,1) g(1).b g(1).c g(1).d g(1).e]

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