Confirm if Parallel Server is installed on cluster

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Science Machine
Science Machine 2022 年 7 月 11 日
コメント済み: Raymond Norris 2022 年 7 月 12 日
How can I confirm my cluster has a matlab Parallel Server license?
I asked the sys admin and they were not clear on that point. That makes me think I can use Matlab on only 1 node (and only parallel toolbox is available). What command can I run to show that? Currently I am doing
rehash toolbox
c.AdditionalProperties.WallTime = '5:30:0';
c.AdditionalProperties.QueueName = 'redacted';
c.AdditionalProperties.AccountName = 'redactedAccountName:)';
and then running a hello world function like
j = c.batch(@hi, 1, {} ); j.wait ; j.fetchOutputs()
and trying to start a job on a parallel pool like
job = batch(...,'pool',12); # which doesn't seem to work


Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris 2022 年 7 月 11 日
Hi @Michael Raba. Reach out to me directly and I'll help you work through this.
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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris 2022 年 7 月 12 日
Click on my name. You should see an email icon on the top right of the card.


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