Within a cell array, how can I look for cells that contain a certain element, in addition to other elements I am not looking for?

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For example, let's say I have a cell array:
I want to find the positions (x,y) of all the cells that contain the letter 'a', among other letters that are in the same cell as well (I don't want to split the cell into 1 letter cells and then use strcmp).


Guillaume 2015 年 2 月 5 日
Do you really have a numeric value in one of the cell of your cell array?
Anyway, strfind is the function you want
%only deal with strings
zwithonlystrings = Z(cellfun(@ischar, Z));
aposition = strfind(zwithonlystrings, 'a');
%if you want the result, the same shape as z:
aposinz = cell(size(Z));
aposinz(cellfun(@ischar, Z)) = aposition
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Guillaume 2015 年 2 月 5 日
Yes, and if you have several a in the strings, you'll get an array of all their position in the cell.


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