Plotting 2 different figures but MATLAB outputting same plot.

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Elham 2022 年 6 月 29 日
コメント済み: Jon 2022 年 6 月 30 日
Hi I am trying to plot 2 different figures, but MATLAB is giving me the same exact figure for both plots. Not sure what's wrong with my code.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022 年 6 月 29 日
As outsiders who do not have access to the data... we have no reason to expect the plots to be different. Or to expect them to be the same either.



Jon 2022 年 6 月 29 日
編集済み: Jon 2022 年 6 月 29 日
Are you sure that you aren't getting an error in your code after the first plot is made?
Check the command window for errors.
For further help please provide a self contained example that replicates the problem. Your current code doesn't define A or z so I can't actually run it to see what goes wrong.
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Jon 2022 年 6 月 30 日
Your welcome, glad you got it working


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