Global declaration not resolved to a Data Store Memory block registered via the Ports and Data Manager.

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amr makhlouf
amr makhlouf 2022 年 5 月 19 日
コメント済み: amr makhlouf 2022 年 5 月 28 日
i was trying to make a predictive code algorithm however i recieve the same error every time .
code below.
function [Sa,Sb,Sc] = control(T_ref,sflux_ref,wm,i_meas)
% Variables defined in the parameters file
global Ts Rs Lr Lm Ls p tr kr r_sigma t_sigma lambda v states
persistent x_opt Fs %Fsp1 Tp1 g
if isempty(x_opt), x_opt = 1; end
if isempty(Fs), Fs = 0 + 0i*1; end
T_ref = T_ref(1) + 1j*T_ref(2);
sflux_ref = sflux_ref(1) + 1j*sflux(2);
i_meas = i_meas(1) + 1j*i_meas(2);
wm = wm(1) + 1j*wm(2);
% Stator flux estimate
Fs = Fs + Ts*(v(x_opt) - Rs*i_meas);
% Rotor flux estimate
Fr = Lr/Lm*Fs+i_meas*(Lm-Lr*Ls/Lm);
g_opt = 1e10;
for i = 1:8
% i-th voltage vector for current prediction
v_o1 = v(i);
% Stator flux prediction at instant k+1
Fsp1 = Fs + Ts*v_o1 - Rs*Ts*i_meas;
% Stator current prediction at instant k+1
Isp1 = (1+Ts/t_sigma)*i_meas+Ts/(t_sigma+Ts)*(1/r_sigma*((kr/tr-kr*1i*wm)*Fr+v_o1));
% Torque prediction at instant k+1
Tp1 = 3/2*p*imag(conj(Fsp1)*Isp1);
% Cost function
g = abs(T_ref - Tp1)+ lambda*abs(sflux_ref-abs(Fsp1));
if (g<g_opt)
g_opt = g;
x_opt = i;
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amr makhlouf
amr makhlouf 2022 年 5 月 28 日
i have attached the final matlab file i have made following all the steps in this thread :
1- define a signal and data store memory for global variables.
2- defining all the code inside the m file and the intial function in call backs
3- checked that every blocks work just fine sattrting from the induction motor model to lc filter that i have made
4- i even get an outside space vector modulation controller to make sure that my model is working . however i still recieve errors regarding data type could you plese let me know how can i fix this . thank you so much


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