Multiple MATLAB sessions opening up automatically

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Shephali Singh
Shephali Singh 2022 年 5 月 18 日
回答済み: Rishav 2023 年 9 月 12 日
Even When I am not opening up a MATLAB session, Multiple sessions are opening up automatically and needs to be closed again and again manually

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Rishav 2023 年 9 月 12 日
Hi Shephali,
I understand that whenever you start MATLAB, multiple sessions opens up automatically.
MATLAB has startup files that can execute MATLAB commands when you launch it. Check if there are any commands in your MATLAB startup files (startup.m, matlabrc.m, etc.) that might be unintentionally starting new sessions. You can find these files in your MATLAB directory, and you can edit them with a text editor to see if there are any problematic commands.
Please refer to the below mentioned documentations for the startup.m and matlabrc.m script files:
Moreover, you can refer to the below mentioned documentation to specify any startup options that you want to consider:
Thank you,
Rishav Saha


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