How to create a C++ or C# dll file (for serial port communication) to use it in MATLAB (M-file)?

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Tharindu Weerakoon
Tharindu Weerakoon 2015 年 1 月 21 日
Dear programmers,
I want to develop a fast serial port ('COM' port) program to read and write data to COM port. Senor (Hokuyo URG-04LX LRF) connected to the COM port contains about 2000 characters for once. I have partially done it but less than 1Hz of speed. I want to improve it up to 9~10 Hz.
I'm looking for using dll file created using C++ or C# that can be directly used in MATLAB to read and write the data. I hope this will be faster than the direct use of MATLAB serial communication. If I'm wrong please make it correct.
I want to know how to generate a C++ or C# dll file step by step tutorial and how can I use it in MATLAB.
Any comment, suggestion or reference please.

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