How to implement this logic in Simulink?

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Wenlin 2022 年 4 月 12 日
回答済み: mark li 2022 年 4 月 13 日
I'm trying to set up a battery system such that:
  • Battery is discharged with current input 1 until it reaches the minimum voltage
  • Once Vmin is reached, it switches to input 2 & start charging the battery until it reaches the maximum voltage
  • Once Vmax is reached, it swiches to input 1 & start discharging the battery
I want this cycle to repeat until after a certain number of cycles.
I was able to set the input so they run cyclicly during the simulation, but couldn't figure out how to set up the switching. I think it may use some edge detection or enabled subsystems but couldn't think of a way to make it work. Would really appreciate it if someone could give me a hint.

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mark li
mark li 2022 年 4 月 13 日
There is a simple demo:





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