Removal of Unwanted Time Series Data from simout in Matlab Workspace

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Andy Wileman
Andy Wileman 2022 年 2 月 19 日
回答済み: Andy Wileman 2022 年 2 月 20 日
I wonder if anyone may be able to offer a solution. I would like to remove the first 0.1s from simout workspace data (see below). The simout data is a 1x1 double time series containing the columns Time and Data:1.
I have written the following code to try and remove the first 0.1 seconds (the transient).
tMin = seconds(0.1);
Vce = simout;
Vce = Vce(Vce.Time >= tMin,:);
Vce.Time = Vce.Time - Vce.Time(1);
Vce=Vce(Vce.Time >= 0.1);
However, I get the following error
The logical indices in position 1 contain a true value
outside of the array bounds.
Error in Healthy_Boost_Converter (line 3)
Vce = Vce(Vce.Time >= tMin,:);
I wondered if anyone might know what I'm doing wrong?
Kind regards,


Andy Wileman
Andy Wileman 2022 年 2 月 20 日
I have managed to come up with a solution, just in case anyone has this problem again.
Firstly, I enabled Single Simulation output in the Configuration Parameters in Simulink.
Secondly, I was then able to use the following
t = out.simout.time(out.simout.time >=0.1); % get time from out.simout where time >= 0.1
Vce =>=0.1,1); % get data from data where time >= 0.1

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