Why do I recieve error when doing sinc function

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Taylor Hayes
Taylor Hayes 2022 年 1 月 25 日
コメント済み: Jon 2022 年 1 月 25 日
Im trying to plot the sinc function and im given my A and T however when i try to input the equation i get an error
A = 1;
T = 1;
gf= AT sinc(fT);
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Jon 2022 年 1 月 25 日
Please copy and paste the full error message, all of the red text, so we can see what error you are getting.
Taylor Hayes
Taylor Hayes 2022 年 1 月 25 日


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Jon 2022 年 1 月 25 日
If you want to plot the sinc value for a range of values then you need to pass it a vector of values.
So for example:
x = linspace(-10,10,1000); % defines a vector with a thousand equally spaced points between -10 and 10
y = sinc(x);
You will need to modify with your actual values and scaling constants
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Jon 2022 年 1 月 25 日
By the way the error message you are getting is because you didn't have a multiplication operator. You need to have something like:
gf = A*T*sinc(ft)
This would have then given another error, because you have not yet defined ft
Jon 2022 年 1 月 25 日
If you are still just trying to get the basics of using MATLAB I would suggest completing the MATLAB on-ramp https://www.mathworks.com/learn/tutorials/matlab-onramp.html


Yusuf Suer Erdem
Yusuf Suer Erdem 2022 年 1 月 25 日
Hi, try it this way. That is the way how it should be done. But I could not get the exact waveform. Maybe others could help.
t = linspace(-5,5);
y = A.*t.*sinc(f.*t);


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