How to save figures on the program general folder?

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Asier Rodriguez
Asier Rodriguez 2022 年 1 月 24 日
コメント済み: Asier Rodriguez 2022 年 1 月 25 日
Hey there!
I have been trying to store generated figures on both .png and .fig format on the same folder where the original code is located but I would like to keep it as simple as possible. I want an Examples internal sub-folder to contain them. My first idea was using the whole route:
saveas(figures.(aux_year),['C:\Users\ .... .... ....\Examples\Balance_energetico_',aux_year],'png');
Nevertheless I discarded this idea since I want to program to be open source and adapt to every user's possible location. Is there a shorter or simpler way to do so?
Thanks in advance!


Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022 年 1 月 25 日
Use pwd to get the current folder where your source code is, and then use fullfile(), isfolder(), and exportgraphics():
% Define the output folder as a subfolder of the current folder.
outputFolder = fullfile(pwd, 'Examples');
if ~isfolder(outputFolder)
mkdir(outputFolder); % Create folder if it does not exist yet.
% Create the base filename, and then prepend the output folder:
baseFileName = sprintf('Balance_energetico_%4.4d.png', aux_year);
fullFileName = fullfile(outputFolder, baseFileName);
fprintf('Writing "%s".\n', fullFileName);
% Export the current figure (screenshot) to a file.
% You could also use gca if you want the current axes instead of the whole figure.
exportgraphics(gcf, fullFileName);
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Asier Rodriguez
Asier Rodriguez 2022 年 1 月 25 日
Thank you very much for the help! In this way I will be saving space from this project onwards


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yanqi liu
yanqi liu 2022 年 1 月 25 日
yes,sir,may be use exportfig or print comand,such as
fd = fullfile('C:\Users\ your\Examples\Balance_energetico_',aux_year);
if ~exist(fd, 'dir')
print(gcf,'-dpng','-r200',fullfile(fd, 'im'))
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Asier Rodriguez
Asier Rodriguez 2022 年 1 月 25 日
Thank you very much for the clarification. I will consider it for future codification processes





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