Plotting a graph with dots instead a line

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Marylyn Sammut
Marylyn Sammut 2022 年 1 月 14 日
コメント済み: Image Analyst 2022 年 1 月 14 日
I need to plot a graph with dots with the following code :
plot(data, ‘.’),(signalNoise,signalTimeRec);xlabel('Original Signal');ylabel('Recovered Signal','Fontsize',11,title('Comparision the orginal signal with the recovered signal')

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Yusuf Suer Erdem
Yusuf Suer Erdem 2022 年 1 月 14 日
x = 1:10;
y = rand(1,10);
plot(x, y, '-ok')
title('Circles and Lines')
plot(x, y, 'ok', 'MarkerFaceColor','k')
title('Filled Circles')
plot(x, y, '.k')
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2022 年 1 月 14 日
And you can also adjust the size with the 'MarkerSize' option
plot(x, y, 'ok', 'MarkerFaceColor','k', 'MarkerSize', 40)



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