where do I find web server app product?

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xi 2021 年 11 月 19 日
回答済み: Cris LaPierre 2021 年 11 月 20 日
I started matlab installer 2021b, browsed through all the packages/toolboxes, but couldn't find the Matlab web server app product.
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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2021 年 11 月 19 日
You meant this? Do you know if your license include this component?
xi 2021 年 11 月 20 日
Thanks for your comments. Yes, I mean this one.
I have a university license, which says: License type and Products included: site licences; MATLAB, Simulink, Distributed Computing Server, not sure if this component is included, but should be, since earlier, the 2019a has it installed, which creates a Matlab Web App Server folder\R2019a folder.
However, for the R2019a version,I was not able to setup the server, since there's no \script folder to run webapps-setup.


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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre 2021 年 11 月 20 日
You can find instructions on downloading and installing Web App Server here.


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