How to solve the error "Conversion to logical from optim.prob​​lemdef.Op​t​imizatio​nC​onstrai​nt is not possible!"

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lorenzo vallerini
lorenzo vallerini 2021 年 11 月 5 日
回答済み: Alan Weiss 2021 年 11 月 8 日
n = numel(daily_Ppv);
Ppvg = optimvar('Ppvg',1,n,'LowerBound',0,'UpperBound',daily_Ppv);
Ppvb = optimvar('Ppvb',1,n,'LowerBound',0,'UpperBound',daily_Ppv);
Pbe = optimvar('Pbe',1,n,'LowerBound',0,'Upperbound',Pemax);
Ppve = optimvar('Ppve',1,n,'LowerBound',0,'UpperBound',daily_Ppv);
Pelet = optimvar('pelet',1,n,'LowerBound',0,'UpperBound',Pemax);
SOC = optimvar('SOC',1,n,'LowerBound',SOCmin,'UpperBound',SOCmax);
PowerFlow.Constraints.PPV = daily_Ppv==Ppvb+ Ppvg + Ppve;
PowerFlow.Constraints.PB = Ppvb*eta_pvb <= Pbmax;
PowerFlow.Constraints.ELET1 = Pelet == Ppve*eta_pve + Pbe*eta_be;
PowerFlow.Constraints.ELET2 = Pelet <= Pemax;
PowerFlow.Constraints.BAT = optimconstr(n);
for i = 1:n
if Ppve(i) >= Pelet(i) %% this line reports the error
PowerFlow.Constraints.BAT(i) = Pbe(i)==0;
PowerFlow.Constraints.BAT(i) = Pbe(i)>0;
Hi, I have meet the pfollowing problem in MATLAB. The battery cannot charge/discharge at the same time so, in the last constraints I tried to write this. When I ran the code the error says: "Conversion to logical from optim.problemdef.OptimizationInequality is not possible."
Appreciate for your help!


Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss 2021 年 11 月 8 日
You probably need to formulate your constraints according to the procedures in Integer and Logical Modeling.
Alan Weiss
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