Is there a MATLAB solution for merging tracks that are the output of the TOMHT tracker?

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The TOMHT tracker works well when there is maximally 1 detection per track. Therefor, we use the partitionDetections and the mergeDetections functions from MATLAB to cluster the detections of 1 track to only 1 detection. However, if for example both the front and the rear of a large track are detected but not the middle, this will still result in two detections, even after clustering. It would be nice if the two tracks that the TOMHT tracker outputs every time step wiIl be merged afterwards at some point to one track, based on the fact that one stays at the same distance behind the other long enough.
My question is, is there some function of MATLAB that takes care of the merging part of a tracker? I tried to find some functionallity in MATLAB, but I could not find anyting.
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Elad Kivelevitch
Elad Kivelevitch 2021 年 10 月 26 日
Hi Joost,
At this time, we have no such functionality.
We have considered it in the past but have not had a strong use case or customer request. Your question helps us prioritize the feature. Thank you.
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Joost 2021 年 10 月 27 日
You are welcome, thank you for the answer.


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