how to find the features for all the images in single code?

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santhosh kumar buddepu
santhosh kumar buddepu 2021 年 10 月 22 日
Dear all,
Iam working in GPR signal processing, for B-scan images I want to find the feature set after then i want to apply these features to classifier. I have find some statastical feature based on histogram. every time Iam calculating the features by changing B-scan image. I want to calculate the features foe all images I want to store by using single code please help me.
I have attached my m-file for your reference.


Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh 2021 年 11 月 2 日
myfolder = 'your directory'; %put all your data in a single directory.
if ~isfolder(myfolder)
sprintf("folder does not exist");
% Get a list of all files in the folder with the desired file name pattern.
filePattern = fullfile(myfolder, '*.out'); % Change to whatever pattern you need.
theFiles = dir(filePattern);
data = cell(length(theFiles),1);
for k = 1 : length(theFiles)
fprintf('%s \n',theFiles(k).name);
data{k,1} = h5read(append(myfolder,'\',theFiles(k).name));%data cell will store all your data in a single file
You can later loop over each data and apply your feature extraction method over each data.
For more information on looping over files refer here.
Hope this helps.
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santhosh kumar buddepu
santhosh kumar buddepu 2021 年 11 月 2 日
thank you sir


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