Is the "rotation matrix" computed by the "transform sensor" block a DCM or a rotation matrix?

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I struggle to find a clear explanation as to if the the "rotation matrix" computed by the "transform sensor" block of Simscape Multibody is a DCM or a rotation matrix. To better clarify, let's assume the "transform sensor" measures the transform from the frame B (Base) to the frame F (Follower). I wonder which of the following the matrix that I obtain (R) is:
-pre-multiply type (DCM), so that if I wanna rotate a vector expressed in B, v_B, to be expressed in F, v_F I should do v_F= R*v_B,
-post-multiply type (rotation matrix), so that v_F = v_B*R

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2022 年 11 月 28 日
The Rotation Matrix produced by the Transform Sensor can be used to transform quantities from the Follower frame axes to the Base Frame axes using pre-multiply.
vec_B = R*vec_F
Where vec_B is in the base frame axes and vec_F is in the follower frame axes.

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