Get continuously updated data from matlab workspace into simulink.

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Omkar Tulankar
Omkar Tulankar 2021 年 9 月 18 日
回答済み: Jonas 2021 年 9 月 29 日
Hi ,
MATLAB Version: (R2020b) Update 2
MATLAB License Number: 40761481
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0 (Build 19041)
Java Version: Java 1.8.0_202-b08 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode
I am using OPC UA server communication for extracting data from allenbradley PLC and develop a model in simulink based on the extracted data.
For that I have written down code in matlab script for reading data .
I want to get this continously changing data from matlab script into simulink.
I tried using interpreted matlab function, callbck function , from workspace block , signal from workspace block , but all this things are not working or guess I am missing out somewhere.
To conclude with , I want is when I run my simulink model matlab script should run and continously updated data should be available for me in simulink.
Please suggest some solution for this.
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Sree Venkedesh
Sree Venkedesh 2021 年 9 月 29 日
Hi Omkar ,
To receive the data , on the data change event , then you may need to turn on the subscription property . For more information see this MATLAB documentation :Data Change Events and Subscription - MATLAB & Simulink (
To run MATLAB script in Simulink , you can use MATLAB function block.


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Jonas 2021 年 9 月 29 日


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