Conversion of Simulink file to MATLAB file

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Aysegul Kahraman
Aysegul Kahraman 2021 年 9 月 9 日
回答済み: Abhinav Gupta 2021 年 9 月 13 日
How can I convert a .slx (Simulink) file into a .m (MATLAB) file? I want to check the flow and order of my functions. Any suggestion'd be appreciated.


Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta 2021 年 9 月 13 日
It is not possible to convert a .slx file into a .m file directly.You can only generate C, C++, or HDL / VHDL from Simulink model using Simulink Coder. However If you need to run your Simulink model in the MATLAB Script you can do so using Sim.
To visualize the execution order of blocks in Simulink model. You can go to Debug tab in Simlink and then in Information Overlays go to Execution Order. For more info see this.
To visualize the Simulation Data in Simulink Model please refer to the following link:

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