How do I do that thing where I get the photo to pop up in a little window?

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Andrew Killian
Andrew Killian 2021 年 9 月 4 日
回答済み: Matt J 2021 年 9 月 4 日
When I highlight just 'walk', right-click and select evaluate selction, it displays a matrix of pixel numbers in the command window which I think means it's working to some extent. But when I highlight all of the code and click evaluate selction it just repeats my code in the command window and no image pops up. Furthermore, when I click on run it just displays "project1" in the command window.
walk = imread('walkstraight/frame0062.tif');


Matt J
Matt J 2021 年 9 月 4 日
walk = imread('walkstraight/frame0062.tif');
imshow(walk); shg

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