How can I make components (eg label or list box) visible, depending on the input of an edit field (numeric)?

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Hi guys! I'm new to MATLAB AppDesigner and I need your help! I created a numeric edit field, a label and a list box (label and list box are invisible at first). If the user enters '1' the label and the list box should appear. If the user enters another number both should stay invisible. The problem is, that they always stay invisible, no matter what the user enters. Here's my code, which doesn't work. Can somebody please help me? Thanks!
function EditFieldValueChanged(app, event)
value = app.EditField.Value;
if value == 1
app.Label.HandleVisibility = 'on';
app.ListBox.HandleVisibility = 'on';
app.Label.HandleVisibility = 'off';
app.ListBox.HandleVisibility = 'off';


Mario Malic
Mario Malic 2021 年 8 月 25 日
Property Visible changes the visibility of the object.
app.Label.Visible = 'on';
app.ListBox.Visible = 'on';
Property HandleVisibility allows the object handle to be found or not by findall (or others) function.

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