How can an engine model be simulated in the "crank angle - domain" instead of the "time - domain" in Simulink?

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Dominik 2014 年 7 月 8 日
コメント済み: Dominik 2014 年 7 月 8 日
I'm modelling an engine system in Simulink. To avoid skipping a specific crank angle, I'd like to simulate the Simulink model in the "crank angle - domain" with the following configuration parameters (for example): Start angle: 0° Stop angle: 360° Step size: 0.01°
How can I switch from the default time-domain (Start time, Stop time, etc.) to the described "crank angle - domain"?

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pietro 2014 年 7 月 8 日
I don't know if it works, but you can try by parametrizing the time step and the simulation time in function of the engine speed, but I believe it works only with constant engine speeds.
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Dominik 2014 年 7 月 8 日
Thanks for your quick answer. The model includes transient behaviour of the engine, so unfortunately the engine speed is not constant.


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