Can anyone please help me about bluetooth connection problem between laptop and lego mindstorm NXT 2.0?

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While i am disable external mode and try to connect via bluetooth it is working.
But when i click external mode on and try to connect via bluetooth i am receiving an error message.
Or is there any other way to monitor results of my robot's motion same time on simulink scope?


Enes 2014 年 4 月 28 日
As always i would like to answer my own question!
If you want to monitoring your NXT robot's results or if you want to adjust parameters same time you have to use bluetooth connection.
-First go Tools/Run on Target Hardware/Options
and choose comminication via bluetooth then set external mode on.
-Secondly you have to set host COM port manually
Then you have to go your bluetooth properties and go COM communication tab, check which port NXT using 1,2,3, etc.
-Finally you need to enter your COM port number.
Now you can use external mode without any problem.
Hope this helps.

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