Natural Text recognition not working in MATLAB R2013a. How to make it run. I can't use R2014a now.

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VIJAY 2014 年 4 月 20 日
回答済み: Avi Nehemiah 2014 年 4 月 25 日
I am trying to run following example (given at link) in R2013a but it gave me errors.
Undefined function 'helperGrowEdges' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Please help me to make it run. Thankyou.

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Avi Nehemiah
Avi Nehemiah 2014 年 4 月 25 日
Hi Vijay,
The functions used to recognize the text ocr was released in R2014a, you will have to use R2014a to access the ocr function.

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