How to find out discontinuous edges?

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Amit Nambiar
Amit Nambiar 2014 年 3 月 17 日
回答済み: Anand 2014 年 3 月 17 日
I have used edge(Image,canny) function but i am not able to uniquely identify the edges. By looking the image I am easily able to make out the edge but how to get that edge using software? Also there are similar looking edges in the canny edge detected image. These edges have come because of noisy background. Some are big, some small, different areas and lengths. I am not allowed to post the image here. So if you could give me some suggestions...

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2014 年 3 月 17 日

Anand 2014 年 3 月 17 日
For 'canny', have you tried changing the sensitivity thresholds or the standard deviation? The standard deviation allows you to control the scale of edges being detected and the sensitivity threshold allows you to control the strength of detected edges.
Have you tried the other available edge detection methods available with the edge function - like 'sobel','prewitt','roberts' or 'log'?

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