3D Visualization Engine Requirements

The 3D visualization engine requires:

  • A Windows® 64-bit platform. If you do not enable the 3D visualization engine, Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™ runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux® 64-bit platforms.

  • Visual Studio® 2017 or higher.

  • Microsoft® DirectX®. If it is not already installed on your machine, Vehicle Dynamics Blockset prompts you to install the software the first time you enable 3D visualization.

To use the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset 3D visualization engine, consider these minimum hardware requirements:

  • Graphics card (GPU): Virtual Reality (VR) ready with 8-GB on-board RAM

  • Processor (CPU): 2.60 GHz

  • Memory (RAM): 12 GB


The 3D visualization engine and blocks do not support:

  • Code generation.

  • Model reference.

  • Multiple instances of the Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block.

  • Multiple instances of the same actor tag. To refer to the same scene actor when you use the 3D block pairs (e.g. Simulation 3D Actor Transform Get and Simulation 3D Actor Transform Set), specify the same Tag for actor in 3D scene, Actortag parameter.

  • Parallel simulations.

  • Rapid accelerator mode.

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