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Design and Tune Controller for VTOL UAV

This series of examples shows you have to design and tune a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAV using a reference application template as a MATLAB® Project. A VTOL UAV is an UAV that has both fixed wings and multirotors. The multirotors enable the UAV to take off and land in areas without a runway and transition to fixed-wing flight for faster movement. When designing the controller there are three flight configurations that you must tune:

  • Hover Configuration — The UAV actuates the rotors facing up to hover.

  • Transition Configuration — The UAV rotates the angle of the rotors toward the front of the VTOL UAV to act as propellers to transition into fixed-wing flight.

  • Fixed-Wing Configuration — The UAV uses the rotors as propellers and uses the ailerons of the wings to turn and brake.

The process of customizing and tuning a VTOL controller consists of these steps:

Then you can use Unreal Engine® to visualize the VTOL UAV mission. See Visualize VTOL Flight Mission Over Urban Environment for more information.

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