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Update Reference Requirement Links from Imported File

After importing requirement links from a file, update links to reference requirements for the model to make full use of the Requirements Toolbox™ functionality.

model = systemcomposer.openModel("reqImportExample");

Note: Importing or linking requirements may not work with a web-based Microsoft® Office file stored in SharePoint or OneDrive. Use a local copy of the file.

Import Requirement Links from Word File

Open the Microsoft® Word file Functional_Requirements.docx with the requirements listed. Highlight the requirement to link.

In the model, select the component to which to link the requirement. Right-click the component and select Requirements > Link to Selection in Word.


Export Model and Save to External File

Export the model and save to an external file.

exportedSet = systemcomposer.exportModel("reqImportExample");

Import Requirement Links from File and Import to Model

Use the external file to import requirement links into another model.

structModel = ImportModelFromExcel("exportedModel.xls","Components","Ports", ...

systemcomposer.importModel("reqNewExample",structModel.Components, ...

Update Links to Reference Requirements

To integrate the requirement links to the model, update references within the model.


Open the Requirements perspective from the bottom right corner of the model palette to view the requirements.


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