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IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol

Synchronized networked measurement and execution across target computers with PTP

The Precision Time Protocol (IEEE® 1588-2008) synchronizes clocks throughout a computer network. For more information about the standard, see .

To interface to a PTP network, run the RTOS PTP daemon on the target computer. For more information, see Precision Time Protocol and the methods for the Target.ptpd object.


Target.ptpdTarget Computer PTP Daemon
startStart the PTP daemon on the target computer
stopStop the PTP daemon on the target computer
statusView the PTP daemon status on the target computer


IEEE 1588 Read ParameterOutput Precision Time Protocol status parameter values such as target computer system time, calendar time, and delays


Precision Time Protocol

Distribute measurement and control tasks over interconnected computing devices.

PTP Prerequisites

Comply with the prerequisites of running PTP within a real-time application.

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