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Using Adaptive Lookup Tables in Real-Time Environment

You can use experimental data from sensor measurements collected by running various tests on a system in real time. The measured data is then sent to the adaptive table block to generate a lookup table describing the relation between the system inputs and output.

You can also use the Adaptive Lookup Table block in a real-time environment, where some time-varying properties of a system need to be captured. To do so, generate C code using Simulink® Coder™ code generation software that can then be run in Simulink Real-Time™ or dSPACE® software. Because you can start, stop, or reset the adaptation if you want, use logic to enable the adaptation of the table data only when it is desired. The cell number output N, and the Enable and Lock inputs facilitate this process. Use the Enable input to start and stop the adaptation and the Lock input to update only one of the table cells. The Lock input combined with some logic using the cell number output N provide the means for updating only the desired table cells during a simulation run.

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