mlreportgen.ppt.Underline class

Package: mlreportgen.ppt

Underline text


Underline text.


underline = Underline() draws a single line under text.

underline = Underline(type) draws a line of the specified type under the text.

Input Arguments

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Underline style, specified as one of these values:

'single'Single underline
'double'Double underline
'heavy'Thick underline
'words'Words only underlined (not spaces)
'dotted'Dotted underline
'dottedheavy'Thick, dotted underline
'dash'Dashed underline
'dashheavy'Thick, dashed underline
'dashlong'Long, dashed underline
'dashlongheavy'Thick, long, dashed underline
'dotdash'Dot dash underline
'dotdotdash'Dot dot dash underline
'dotdotdashheavy'Thick dot dot dash underline
'dotdashdotheavy'Thick dash dot underline
'wavy'Wavy underline
'wavyheavy'Thick wavy underline
'wavydouble'Two wavy underlines

Output Arguments

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Underline, returned as an mlreportgen.ppt.Underline object.


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Underline style, specified as a character vector. See the description of the type input argument for the constructor.

Data Types: char

ID for PPT API object, specified as a character vector. A session-unique ID is generated as part of object creation. You can specify an ID to replace the generated ID.

Tag for this PPT API object, specified as a character vector. A session-unique tag is generated as part of the creation of this object. The generated tag has the form CLASS:ID, where CLASS is the object class and ID is the value of the Id property of the object.

Specifying your own tag value can help you to identify where an issue occurred during presentation generation.


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Create a presentation.

import mlreportgen.ppt.*

slidesFile = 'myUnderlinePresentation.pptx';
slides = Presentation(slidesFile);

titleSlide = add(slides,'Title and Content');

Create a paragraph and append underlined text.

p = Paragraph('Hello World');

tWavy = Text(' wavy underline');
tWavy.Style = {Underline('wavy')};

tDashed = Text(' heavy dash underline');
tDashed.Style = {Underline('dashheavy')};

Add the paragraph to the slide and close the presentation.



Open the myUnderlinePresentation presentation. On a Windows® platform, you can open the presentation in MATLAB®:

if ispc

Introduced in R2015b