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Propagate emissions in radar scenario

Since R2021a


propEmissions = propagate(scenario,emissions) returns propagated emissions that are a combination of the input emissions and the reflections of these input emissions from the platforms in the radar scenario, scenario.


propEmissions = propagate(scenario,emissions,'HasOcclusion',tf) specifies whether the radar channel models occlusion or not. By default, the radar channel models occlusion.


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Create a radar scenario and add two platforms. Set the position and add an emitter to each platform.

rs = radarScenario('UpdateRate',1);
plat1 = platform(rs);
plat1.Trajectory.Position = [0,0,0];
emitter1 = radarEmitter(1,'UpdateRate',1);
plat1.Emitters = emitter1;
plat2 = platform(rs);
plat2.Trajectory.Position = [100,0,0];
emitter2 = radarEmitter(2,'UpdateRate',1);
plat2.Emitters = emitter2;

Advance the radar scenario, generate emissions, and obtain propagated emissions.

emtx = emit(rs);
emprop = propagate(rs,emtx,'HasOcclusion',true)
emprop=3×1 cell array
    {1x1 radarEmission}
    {1x1 radarEmission}
    {1x1 radarEmission}

Display the last propagated emission in the radar scenario. The last emission is emitted by emitter 1 and reflected from platform 2.

  radarEmission with properties:

              PlatformID: 2
            EmitterIndex: 1
          OriginPosition: [100 0 0]
          OriginVelocity: [0 0 0]
             Orientation: [1x1 quaternion]
             FieldOfView: [180 180]
         CenterFrequency: 300000000
               Bandwidth: 3000000
            WaveformType: 0
          ProcessingGain: 0
        PropagationRange: 100.0313
    PropagationRangeRate: 0
                    EIRP: 38.0071
                     RCS: 10

Input Arguments

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Radar scenario, specified as a radarScenario object.

Emissions in the radar scenario, specified as a cell array of emission objects, such as radarEmission objects. You can obtain emissions from a radar scenario using the emit function.

Radar channel models occlusion, specified as a numeric or logical 1 (true) or 0 (false).

Output Arguments

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Propagated emissions in the radar scenario, specified as a cell array of emission objects, such as radarEmission objects. The propagated emissions contain the source emissions and the emissions reflected from the platforms.

Version History

Introduced in R2021a